Your wedding day is the no doubt one of the most anticipated days in your life. You want everything to be just perfect for this special day. You have picked out the dress, shoes and are finishing all the final touches; the time has come for your big day. Apart from the dress, the next most important thing is your hair and makeup. You want to have a bridal makeup that shows off your features perfectly. This is the day when all eyes in the room are going to be fixed on you, and therefore you want to look like a Red Carpet siren. This is why it is so important when deciding what type of bridal makeup looks you should go for on your wedding, is the look that suits you and makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Let’s have a look at the recent wedding makeup trends that are gaining popularity in 2015:

The Ever so Popular Cat Eye Look: This is a highly popular trend that has been going on for some time. Winged eyeliner has been seen on a lot of brides this year, but it comprises of delicate flicks and very little dramatic lines.  Nicely shaped and defined brows should always accompany this look.

Natural Look: Sometimes it’s not about the Kim Kardashian dark eyes and contoured makeup look or even a bold lip colour, but a bride can look just as beautiful in a natural makeup look. This is our gorgeous bride Lydia Collinge who got married in February this year.  This makeup trend has been followed and requested by many brides in 2015. As simple as this look seems like, it requires just as many products and just as much time. The key here is to make the skin look perfect and dewy also paying attention to groomed eyebrows and creating youthful eye shapes. To complete this look, a natural flush of colour is required on the cheeks and lips. This look is best suited for mature brides and those who don’t like too much makeup and want to look natural, yet beautiful on their wedding day.


Our Natural Bride Lydia

The Perfect English Rose: This is a great look for all those brides with fair skin tones. Using pastels, plums or pinks is the perfect way to give them a beautiful soft statement look for their wedding. The main focus here are the lips; go for a damson to raspberry to petal pink to rose kind of color for the lips. Damn Molly you make a stunning bride and those lips of yours are truly amazing.


The Perfect English Rose by Hollywood Brides Photo by Katreina Emmanuel

Kissable Lips: A super trending look for brides in 2015 is a bold lip color and an overall light makeup look. Shades of deep pink, red or burgundy are among the brides favorites and nude colored lips are being ditched completely. Red shades are sexy, statement and flirty, and looks amazing with a white wedding dress.  These bold lips will require maintenance throughout the day and evening so a touch up kit is highly recommended.

And last but not least I don’t ever think brides will ever stop asking for this look:-

FTB_Sleeping Beauty After (2)

Smokey Eyes by Hollywood Brides Photo by Katreina Emmanuel

Smokey Eyes: Brides often want to draw focus to their eyes, and a smokey eye look is the perfect way to do so. Since it’s your wedding day, the overall smokey eye look needs to still be soft and will be more flattering if the eyes are defined according to your natural eye shape instead of winging to far up.


Hollywood Brides Perfect English Rose Makeup Photo by Katriena Emmanuel

PicMonkey Collage (12)

Bold Kissable Lips by Hollywood Brides


Smokey Eyes by Hollywood Brides Photo by Moffatt Photography


on point winged eyeliner



Hope you enjoyed and got some great inspiration and ideas.

Monique xx