“Oh no you Di’n’t! just tell me:- “I’m just going to have my friend do the wedding hair and make-up. I love the way she does hers and she’ll do it for free”.
That’s wonderful that your friend wants to help you out, and I’m sure she does know how to do her hair and makeup beautifully. But I want to hand out a small caution. Just because she knows how to do her own doesn’t mean she can do it on someone else, or more importantly on you.
Makeup is so much more than a little color here and there. With proper application and knowledge, you can diminish how noticeable certain aspects of yourself are, and enhance others…especially in your photos. Products are not just ‘off the shelf’ they are high def quality minus the nasties like certain minerals and sunscreen that do not photography properly. Hair is just as challenging with different hair types and knowing what products to use as a bit of hairspray is not going to cut it I’m afraid and neither is too much.

My budget is small and I just can’t afford it”.
Almost all brides have budgets they have to adhere to, and there is always a compromise on what you want. But how you feel about yourself and how you look should not be one of them. Some of the very best services for hair and makeup artists are very affordable! They will most likely be cheaper than anything else in your wedding. At Hollywood Brides we even offer 3 different service levels to suit all budgets.
You’ve spent hundreds if not thousands on your dress, your flowers, your decorations, your rings, a location, a photographer, a videographer, a DJ, a cake, catering…and perhaps many other things.
You’ve spent numerous hours (a full time jobs worth) planning every last detail, so your love story can have this perfect moment and you don’t want to look like this OMG…
Oh no she Di’n’t!… uhm…oh yes she did..