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The stunning setting at Tamborine Gardens Wedding Resort certainly set the tone for the bridal party of Melissa Blackwood.  The rain held off for this party of ten that had traveled from Gladstone for this amazing milestone.

special occassion makeup

Special occasion makeup Stamford Plaza

I had met Melissa and the girls a year earlier and did their makeup for a friends wedding at the Stamford.  The girls were so pleased that Melissa booked me on the spot for her wedding today the 21/10/2016.

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Myself and Kay were delighted to work on such gorgeous, fun ladies and we shared lots of laughs all morning.  The girls had flawless airbrush foundation which you can see Kay doing here and we used Element Two Silicone formula to ensure that it would withstand the outdoors weather and any tears.

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We love using high-end professional products on all our clients so we can ensure that the makeup is firstly going to last and is also going to look incredible both on camera and in real life.

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I always use Modelrock Human Hair lashes as they are so natural and absolutely make the eyes pop.  I think I would have heart failure if a bride did not want lashes!!!

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I love it when a bride receives a gift and a heartfelt card from a loved one, but not when I am doing the makeup! lol,  I think this is every artist’s nightmare quietly.  Luckily I always start with the eyes first using water resistant and waterproof products and I had not done the foundation at this stage, keeping that till last so my brides makeup is clean and fresh.  Cry away beautiful brides I am all over this.

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And this is what makes it all so worthwhile the absolute joy on Melissa’s face when the Photographer from Everlast Studios shows her the makeup for the first time on camera.  I did hear a “I love love love it”.  Woo Hoo I cannot wait to see the final product in that gorgeous wedding gown.

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Meanwhile over in the corner our playful bridesmaids are sharing a champers and playing up for the camera.  Love the matching robes which are on-trend at the moment.

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Cheers Melissa, you look breathtakingly beautiful and thank you to Candice at StyleCreations for the gorgeous hairstyles.

Kay and I had a wonderful morning getting this gorgeous party ready.

Love Monique xoxo

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