The stylist you choose for your bridal hair and makeup can make or break your big day…

The right stylist can work with you to create a look that makes you feel like a Hollywood Movie Star.  A professional stylist will bring up-to-date knowledge of current styles and trends to the job and a stylist that works on fashion campaigns is on the cutting edge of bridal fashion.

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Many of our clients tell us that their bridesmaids don’t want to pay for professional wedding hair and makeup services because they can either do it themselves, or they cannot afford to pay for it. We understand that being in a wedding is a huge commitment, both time-wise and financially. We often tell brides that providing professional hair and makeup services for the girls is one of the single-most important things they can do.  Any professional Wedding Photographer will agree. hair and makeup Hollywood Brides

Professional hairstylists and makeup artists use the right products and techniques to make your hair and makeup last ALL day. It’s one thing to look great when you leave your house that morning, it’s another thing to still look great when you make your grand exit that night. 
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So this leads us to the question “how much should you pay”? Remember products used by Professionals are high end and are not purchased from Chemists or Retail Shops, they are trade quality and more expensive.  I have done some extensive research for Queensland and If you want to pay for experience then prices can average anywhere from $85 – $140 for Makeup and from $60 – $160 for hair.  Obviously their are cheaper options out there but I have found that these providers are new to the industry and are just getting started or only do Weddings as a weekend hobby or second income.  If you want to go for a cheaper option, always ask to look at a portfolio, current insurance details and references/testimonials at the very least.
Are you a Payless Shoes, David Jones or Jimmy Choo kinda shoe gal?…
Horses for courses and I guess it just boils down to the importance you place on your hair and makeup. Luckily at Hollywood Brides we have packages to suit all budgets and no matter what you choose you will always get quality.
I will leave you with an email I received from a bride yesterday…..

Hi Monique,

A Professional has Credentials, Insurances, a
Portfolio of work, Website and will always
arrive on time, keep everyone calm and do an
amazing job. 

Thank you for getting back to me in regards to the hair and makeup. To be honest with you I have been married before when I was a lot younger and I went really cheap for my hair and makeup not paying attention to the fact the person had only just finished there courses. Needless to say I was so devastated with the look and my hair was a disaster that we even tried to brush it all out and straighten it. The girl wouldn’t even try to fix it as she had another bride she had booked to close to my wedding.
This is the whole reason I have done a lot of research on the Internet this time and why I want Hollywood Brides. I have read everything on your website and watched the you tube video’s so I know that I am getting a professional this time around. If my girls do not want to pay I’m going to offer to pay half to try and sway them around so I can at least book with you before its to late. I just want to let you know my wedding is on a Thursday as I noticed you mentioned how weekends in September are so busy. I hope being through the week I can still book with you.
Again thank you for the reply, I’m surprised that this happens often as the girls I had first time were fantastic with all of this stuff. I will let you know asap and proceed with booking. 

Thank you Monique, kind regards Kristen