Eyelash extensions are the hottest beauty trend to sweep the world today.

The stars do not leave home without a set of glamorous eyelash extensions, supermodels are always wearing their eyelash extensions, and entertainers have known about and loved eyelash extensions for years.

I have started offering this service to all my clients particularly my Brides.  What a fantastic way to permanently look amazing on your honeymoon with minimal fuss.  A Natural set of Lash extensions takes just over an hour to attach and involves individual synthetic lash being glued to every third lashes with an invisible seal that gives the impression of long, thick, lush lashes.

The extensions feel weightless and provide a lush appearance. You will then need your eyelash extensions in-filled, similar to artificial nail or hair appointments.

People are budgeting for their eyelash extensions like they do for their regular hair and nail touch-ups.  The procedure is an effective way to brighten your appearance 24/7 and extensions improve your appearance without surgery.

This is one beauty treatment that’s not a fad and it has really taken off, and made an impact on people’s beauty regime.

Requiring between 20 and 30 lashes an eye, the Special Introductory cost is $50 (normally $80) for a Natural set and $35 for a touch-up every two to three weeks.

The lashes play a very important role in making your eyes look beautiful. If you look at people who have no or very few lashes, their eyes look very tiny. 
Eyelash extensions make the eyes look wider. This is a very sensual sexy look. This will definitely make them stand out more. They will be the main focus point on your face. In addition, the lashes make your natural lashes look enhanced.
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