Sometimes our brides ask us if a trial is really necessary…  In our humble opinion the most important person is ‘you’ the bride, so we highly recommend you get a trial, if you don’t then we cannot guarantee our work on the day.  It gives both parties peace of mind and ensures smooth sailing on the big day.  

If you have anyone who is very particular about hair & makeup, or has allergies or problematic hair/skin then I would also suggest that they have a trial.

Airbrush Makeup

Vintage Victorian Rolls

What to expect…  As industry professionals it is our role and responsibility to make sure you have a full understanding of what is required to make sure that your wedding day hair and makeup looks amazing and lasts the distance.  At your trial your makeup artist will show you how to blot and powder. Hollywood Brides can supply you with a high definition oil control blotting powder that is invisible and can be used on all skin types and tones.  

When working with you to create your ideal hair style, our stylists will be taking into consideration your hair type, hair length, hair condition. We have found, that what some of our clients consider to be the right look and style for them, in reality, may not be suitable or alternatively, is not possible to achieve. We can offer you solutions and expert advice to ensure you look your best all day.

Stunning Before & After

How much should a trial cost?…  If anyone offers you a free trial be very suspicious, any highly sort Industry Career Professional worth their weight would never provide a free service especially a trial which in fact takes a lot longer.  Our trials are $170 for a hair and makeup look. At Hollywood Brides we are so confident in the standard and quality of our services, that we offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee on every wedding trial. This ensures that all our brides are completely happy with the look and style they have chosen, come their wedding day. Visit our website for more information.

Amazing Trial Transformation

Our gift to you…  We like to go the extra mile for our brides and provide them with unedited before and after photos so that they can get a real feel for how they are going to look in the all important photos on the day.  Our brides look so amazing in these photos just imagine how awesome the Professional edited photos are going to be! 

Our before and after photo galleries have become extremely popular with currently over two and half thousand followers across social media sites.  This particular photo below went viral with thousands of shares all over the world to both ours and the gorgeous brides surprise!!

Wedding Trial Before and After Vintage Theme

Monique x
Creative Director