You have been engaged for quite some time and now you want to tie the knot in a unique way. You must have invested big on an impressive venue, public address system, that charismatic MC and of course, statement wedding hair, garments and decor, wedding cars and so on. Aside all great arrangements that we’ve known for years, there is a new idea for your big day!

Ebony & Damian-54Our Gorgeous Social Media Bride Ebony Weekes

I recall with minimal nostalgia, the old days when all communication was exclusively postal and publicity was through radio or newsprint – too expensive for a modest budget. Now things have gone online, include TV streaming and radio broadcasting! How about your wedding? Can it go online, in order to capture greater virtual attendance? Not only are people busy, some family live too far to attend your big and once-in-a-life event.   Now family on the other side of the world can be apart of your special day thanks to technology and social media.

How does that stunning bridal makeup hit the global audience? How do you make lasting memories on your special day? Think of a social media wedding. We will now look at how to leverage the power of social media to ensure everyone accesses your wedding in real time.

Social-mediacreate a “wedding hashtag”

For real time participation during the ceremony, provide WiFi as the first measure of getting your wedding covered from various perspectives. Ensure all guests have the passwords so that there won’t be much whispers asking for WiFi access. You can place it on cards or pinned papers around the site. Now at least attendant can Tweet, share and comment on the brides hair and dress instantly.

The next move, and a must have, to make the wedding more interactive is by creating a “wedding hashtag”. This creates a flawless mode of sharing your guest’s memories and photos, bringing everything in an organized collection in a single place. Get a unique hashtag and check online to ensure no other couple have used.

Promote your hashtag in your wedding site and social media pages and encourage your guests to use for interaction around your wedding, before and during the big event. Remember hashtags are not just for your Instagram page; get it on Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

il_570xN.497332627_dz7sSuch an amazing way to share your guest’s memories and photos.  Guests capture amazing moments too!

 Make your marriage Facebook official. As you sign your marriage certificates, let a bridesmaid change your Facebook relationship status to “Married”.

Remember your videos have to reach your family members abroad. While YouTube carries the long footage, let Instagram show 20 second collage of first dances, smiles, hugs and I Do’s.

After the wedding, upload everything that will last forever in your social media pages and wedding website. Share the photos and the videos and archive them with Storify, organize your photos with WebPics and leverage the power of Artifact Uprising.



social-media-weddingS_S-100-2 (2)

We love using getting ready photos of brides for our own Social Media at Hollywood Brides.  This is our gorgeous bride Sarah Braun and Monique doing the final touches before photos.

Even the celebs are getting with the times as Jay Z Shares Beyonce Wedding Clip On Instagram on their Seventh Wedding Anniversary


Hope you enjoyed and looking forward to seeing you on the Social Media Platform.

Monique xx