One of my favourite looks has always been clean, glowing matte skin, deep seductive eyes and natural rosy lips.  To me this is Polished Perfection!

My makeup inspiration for my winter Brides this year:

How I achieve these stunning timeless eyes:

I always start with the eyes it is just a cleaner and smarter way to work.  I apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids, to keep shadow put and bring out the true colour of your shadow. Then I apply neutral coloured base all over, using a dark chocolate brown, with a bullet/eye contour brush I work into the creases of your eye, applying the bulk of the colour to the deepest part of your crease.

I then line your top and bottom lash line and smudge the eyeliner up, essentially creating a smoky look, but still ensuring a bold defined line around the eye. Finally I apply a light eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear wider.

Apply full strip non permanent lashes, I find Demi Whispies are the best.

Fill in eyebrows using a short angled-brush and brow powder. This frames the face and is essential, especially when doing a dark eye.

Here is the same look using Golds instead of Browns for a softer natural effect:

Now just add Hair:
Just as there is classic clothing, there are classic hairstyles. You can look good in them at any time. They may not even look “dated.” They are just that good. Perfect then… perfect now… Retro is timeless and classic, with a twist on Retro you can’t go wrong.
This is my top Winter pick for hair and makeup I hope you find them as beautiful and breathtaking as I do.