The biggest movie to make an impact in Bridal hair and makeup for 2013 and continuing into 2014 would have to be ‘The Great Gatsby’… 
This makeup‘s certainly got a lot of brides excited and I must say Hollywood Brides is also buzzing as we love to create these show stopping looks. 

The 1920’s Flappers boldly went against the established social norms, and challenged women’s traditional societal roles so it’s not surprising that the makeup also pushes all the boundaries.  The roaring twenties were extremely racy and dramatic just like these makeup looks we have created.

Get the look….

Because we airbrush our brides we always start with the eyes first for cleaner work. These looks can get messy with lots of fall out when you are using darker colours.

  • Use a wet wipe or makeup remover pad to clean your eyelids.  Eyelids are very oily and do sweat. Apply your concealor or foundation then lightly powder.
  • Using an angled brush apply a dark brown eyeshadow to your eyebrows. Exaggerate the top curve of your eyebrow and extend further than your normal eyebrow length.
  • Apply a black paint pot, cream/gel liner or pencil to the lid and blend up and out just above your socket with your finger or a brush.

  • Using a flat brush pat and press the eyeshadow onto your lid making sure you load the colour onto your brush and turn it up the other way with the handle facing up to stop fallout.  
  • We used eyeshadow MAC signed sealed (discontinued) dupe would be shadowy lady or WnW.
  • With a big fluffy brush blend MAC HAUX in the crease and blend up to the brow bone.  Keep blending and blending until their are no hard lines were the colours meet.  Sweep this shadow under the eye all the way to the inner corner.
  • Line the inner rim of the eye with black kohl liner then add lots of lashings of mascara.  Try Maybelline Eye Studio liner as it is waterproof and Great Lash Washable Mascara Blackest Black, the one in the pink and green packaging a Makeup Artists favourite.
  • Contour your cheekbones with a bronzer, then use a light pink blush on the apples of the cheek.
  • Foundation used was CoAir which is a waterbased airbrush foundation from
  • For the lips any deep aubergine or eggplant will work best, try MAC Rebel or the Covergirl Queen Collection.

Now for the hair….

We used a Triple Barrel Curling Iron, section the hair 2-3 inches wide, put the section of hair between the top barells and bottom plates, an inch away from the scalp, clamp the hair in the iron for 5 seconds, move forward down and avoid dents in the hair.  Continue to the end of the hair and finish with Morrocan Oil or a serum for shine.  Here is a simple quick youtube showing you how easy it is.  

To see this whole portfolio of vintage looks go to our website gallery:-
Monique x