Wedding Day Grooming For The Guys And Groom

Feeling prepared for the big day is essential for every groom. Staying organised and calm will help make your wedding day a smooth and memorable experience.
It’s not just about looking sharp; it’s about being present and supportive.

One key tip is to double-check everything the day before. This includes the rings, your suit, and any final payments or arrangements. Having a trusted friend or family member to assist can make a big difference.

Don’t forget to eat breakfast and stay hydrated. Keeping your energy up will help you feel your best throughout the day. Remember, this is your day too, so take a moment to enjoy it!


Preparation and Grooming

Getting ready for your wedding day involves picking the perfect outfit and making sure you look your best. Pay attention to the details to feel confident and comfortable.

Choosing Your Wedding Day Outfit

The groom’s outfit should match the wedding theme and be comfortable. Start by choosing the right suit or tuxedo. For a formal event, a black tuxedo is classic. For a beach wedding, a lighter suit might be more fitting.

Key points to consider:

  • Fit: Make sure your clothes fit well. Visit a tailor if necessary.
  • Style: Your outfit should reflect your personal style and match the wedding’s vibe.
  • Accessories: Consider a tie, cufflinks, and a pocket square. These can add a touch of elegance.

Tip: Prepare everything a few weeks in advance to handle any last-minute adjustments.

Personal Grooming Tips

Start your grooming routine a few days before the wedding.
Get a haircut at least a week ahead to allow time to settle into the cut.
Trim your beard or shave on the day of the wedding to ensure a clean look.

Grooming checklist:

  • Face: Shave, or if you have a beard, ensure it’s neatly trimmed.
  • Hair: Get a fresh haircut and style it on the day or book in with us!
  • Skin: Moisturise your skin to keep it looking healthy.
  • Nails: Trim and clean your nails.

Tip: Bring a small grooming kit to the venue for any touch-ups needed during the day.

Wedding Hair And Grooming Packages

At Hollywood Brides, we’re breaking down the barrier between the traditional ‘bride’s pampering’ experience and giving the groom the attention he deserves too!
Our talented team is equipped to handle all of your grooming needs, from subtle spot correction and complexion work to a quick zhuzh and fluff to give your hair a fresh, dapper look.

And why not take it up a notch?
We have had more and more guys requesting “Hair and Makeup” on their big day too!

(At the time of writing this post in July 2024 we have looked after 4 groups of guys and we have 3 male grooming groups booked in for later this year!)

Now makeup does not mean a full face cake….For guys it can be spot correction, reducing head and face shine with powder or a mattifying base.
Also makeup is a great way to even out wonky hairlines or bald patches in a beard and of course we can tame those brows!
Hell…we even have to sometimes cover up a black eye.

Hairstyling for the guys

Do you have a theme for your wedding?
We can create smooth Gatsby vibes, or some rakish Viking inspired man buns and braids – the possibilities are endless!
So don’t be afraid to reach out for a quote, and if you’re nearby on location to the bride, we can schedule you in on the same day. Let us help the entire “Cast and Crew” look the part on the big day!

See our pricing here and you can request this service to be added to a bridal quote – just add it into the notes.

The Ceremony Essentials

Making sure everything goes smoothly during the ceremony is a big deal. The groom has specific timelines to follow and key responsibilities to manage.

Understanding the Timeline

The groom should be aware of the wedding day schedule. This includes when to arrive at the venue, the time for photos, and the ceremony’s start time. Arriving early is crucial.

He should check in with the best man and groomsmen. Ensuring everyone is dressed and ready will help the day run smoothly.

Communication with the wedding planner or coordinator can help keep things on track. Sticking to the timeline will reduce stress and prevent delays.

Role and Responsibilities

The groom plays a central role during the ceremony. He should focus on giving his full attention to the bride and the vows.

He may need to sign the marriage license and be part of other legal matters. Understanding these steps in advance will ensure he knows what to do.

Another key responsibility is keeping the rings safe. He should double-check that the best man has them or keep them securely until the exchange.

Reception Shenanigans

The reception is full of moments to watch out for, such as delivering the speech and meeting all the guests. Both can be a bit tricky, but with a little preparation, you can handle it like a pro.

Speech Prep

Writing and delivering a wedding speech can be nerve-wracking. He should start by jotting down key points he’d like to mention. Avoid long, detailed stories. Stick to heartfelt messages and light humour.

Practice the speech out loud several times. It helps to be familiar with the words and where to pause. If he’s feeling nervous, it’s okay to use cue cards. Just make sure they are small and easy to handle.

Eye contact with the guests can make the speech feel more personal. Instead of looking down at his notes, he should try looking up at the crowd now and then.

Navigating Social Interactions

During the reception, the groom will need to interact with many guests. This can be overwhelming, but a few tips can help. He should greet and thank each guest for coming. A smile and a handshake go a long way.

It’s a good idea to learn a few names ahead of time, especially the bride’s close family and friends. This makes conversations flow more smoothly and makes guests feel appreciated.

Taking some time to move around the room and talk to different groups keeps the atmosphere lively. If he feels stuck in a conversation, it’s okay to politely excuse himself and move on.

Post-Wedding Pointers

After the wedding, there are a few key things the groom should focus on. These include managing gifts and expressing gratitude, as well as navigating the first moments as a married couple.

Managing Gifts and Gratitude

Sorting through wedding gifts can be a big task. The groom should keep a list of who gave what. This will help with sending thank-you notes. It’s best to send these notes as soon as possible.

A personalised note shows genuine appreciation. It doesn’t have to be long, just heartfelt. Here’s a simple template:

Dear [Guest],

Thank you for the [gift]. It means a lot to us and we’re truly grateful.

*Warm regards,

[Your Names]*

Besides gifts, some guests might also have contributed to the wedding in other ways. Make sure to acknowledge their efforts too.

First Moments as a Married Couple

The first few days after the wedding are precious. The couple should take time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a good idea to plan a short break or even a full honeymoon if possible.

Communication is crucial. Talk about your feelings, expectations, and future plans. This is a good time to set the tone for your married life.

Remember, there’s no rush to get back to the normal routines. Savour these moments and make memories together. Small gestures of love and care go a long way in making your partner feel special.

If you feel stressed, lean on each other for support. These first moments will form the foundation of your married life.

Photo Credits – Helen McConnell & Ben Connolly


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