Every culture around the world have different ways that wedding ceremonies take place, are performed and celebrated. They all have their special moments and that is what makes them unique. Hollywood Brides have compiled a list of some wedding traditions from around the world that you may not have heard before.



In Peru, wedding cakes are baked with ribbon inside. All single women are invited up to grab a ribbon and pull. At the end of one of the ribbons will be a faux engagement ring and the woman that picks that ribbon is said to be married next. A much sweeter tradition than a bouquet toss!




In China, it is common for a bride to have up to three wardrobe changes on her wedding day. The first is a traditional, slim fitting dress called a qipao and is usually red in color. The second dress is a white one with a large volume skirt which is a nod to Western bridal trends. After the wedding, the bride may choose to change into a dress for the reception, one of her color choice that is far more mobile than the traditional bridal or qipao dresses.





Indian brides often host mehndi parties, where her hands and feet, as well as her bridal attendants, are decorated with beautiful and intricate designs. These designs are temporary, as the mehndi is made from henna plant paste, and will fade within a couple of weeks.


United Kingdom

Some UK brides have adopted the royal tradition of having young family members in their bridal party instead of friends. Usually these bridesmaids are under 19 and are comprised of nieces, little sisters or even grandchildren. This trend began when Queen Elizabeth II married in 1947 and had eight bridesmaids all younger than her and has continued even into Kate Middleton’s marriage where she had two three year old girls as her bridesmaids.