What Your Bridesmaids Need to Know…

 A wedding can be a stressful event but with a great team of bridesmaids at her side, a bride will feel confident through anything. However, it is best for a bride to adequately prepare her bridesmaids in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding. Here are some helpful hints for brides-to-be about what should be prepared before the wedding to keep her bridesmaids in the know.

 An Event Timeline

This is the one thing every bridesmaid should be aware of as much in advance as possible. Along with the wedding day-of itinerary that will come closer to the wedding, bridesmaids should know about important dates such as when you are planning to hold the buck and doe (if applicable), when you are available for a bridal shower, when you are planning to go and look at dresses and more. The more informed your bridesmaids are, the more confident they will feel.

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What to Bring with Them

A checklist of sorts is always helpful. Some things that may easily be forgotten are lipstick, shoes, band-aids, feminine hygiene products, safety pins and more. Now there are sites that offer mini-emergency kits that make great little gifts that a bride can give their bridesmaids, and it comes with a little bit of everything from cotton buds to breath mints and extra bobby pins.

Who to Contact

In the days leading up to the wedding, the bride can be under a lot of last-minute stresses. Bridesmaids should know who to contact aside from the bride if something is wrong or if they have a question. This is usually the mother of the bride or even the maid of honor who is put in charge by the bride and should have all the answers

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wedding hairstyles

What Food is Being Provided

If you aren’t planning on providing breakfast the morning of the wedding, let your bridesmaids know so that they can bring some money to pick something up. Everyone should eat the morning of the wedding and it is considered in good taste to provide a spread of food, but if you are not planning on doing this, let your bridesmaids know beforehand. It will be a long day before the reception dinner and it is smart to bring snacks, too.

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