So here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding photographer….

1. Choose a wedding photographer. Yes your uncle, cousin, brother might have an amazing camera but that doesn’t make him a photographer. You might know a brilliant surf or fashion photographer but shooting a wedding is completely different to the style of photography they’re used to. A good wedding photographer will be there to capture moments that another photographer will overlook, they know how to anticipate beautiful moments. They’ll capture the beauty, the drama, they’ll tell your story the way they know how. They have an eye for creative details… the beautiful table settings, a hand written note from your fiance on the morning of your wedding, the song that was playing on your ipod while you prepare with your bridesmaids. A great wedding photographer knows how to capture the dramatic moments and all of the beautiful things that happen in between; A flowergirl & page boy exchanging a kiss on the cheek in the background, the tight grip of your hands during your ceremony, tears welling up in your fathers eyes, the laughter during the best man’s speech, your fiance’s intense gaze as he watches you walk down the aisle… Wedding photography is an artform that should be left to the professionals who live & breathe it.

2. Choose a photographer you get along with. Your wedding photographer plays a huge role in your wedding, they’re with you from the moment you start getting ready to the second you depart your reception. You need to make sure you feel at ease in their presence. They won’t always be noticeable while shooting, but it makes such a difference having a photographer who’s personality is a great fit with you + your fiance and compliments the style of your wedding.

3. Make sure the photographer’s work resinates with you. You’ll know in an instant if a photographer is right for you. When you look through their website or blog you’ll have a connection to their style and the way they tell a couple’s story. Don’t ever try and change a photographers style, look at their work and think about how well their style fits with your wedding and you as a couple. You need to be confident enough on the day to simply let them do their thing. Magic is created when you allow creativity to flow and a photograph should never be over-styled or directed – the result is always a staged picture that doesn’t communicate real emotion and show the true beauty of your wedding day.

Posted by The LANE/Karissa Fanning on November 15, 2011 (photography Lisa Michelle Burns)

There are some incredible photographers in the wedding industry (& some really, really bad one’s!!), and I’m passionate about only promoting work that I feel is right for the type of brides we cater for.

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