Let’s face it girls, we want it all *sighs* the dream dates, the dream relationship, the dream engagement, the dream wedding and the dream life. Not sure if I’m prepared to go as far as the 2.5 kids and a pretty house in the suburbs with a white picket fence and dog, that could be just a bit too Disney? Lol…. This leads me to ponder do we tend to feel that how the proposal was done pretty much sets the tone for the rest of our lives? Is he romantic, spontaneous, likes to get this done in a hurry or do we have to nudge him towards doing things for you? That proposal sometimes lets you in on the answers to these questions.


 As a makeup artist and undercover shrink I have talked to hundreds and hundreds of brides. My friends and family are always telling me to write a book “Memoirs of a Makeup Artist” or in reality “Godzilla vs Bridezilla ‘and let me tell you I’m backing Bridezilla this round!!. I have heard so many wonderful proposal stories and one that sticks out is when a past bride was proposed to on an overseas holiday in New York. I grin from ear to ear remembering this story and how the bride lit up like a Christmas cracker when she was retelling the story. The food, the talks, the dessert, the romantic ambiance, everything was perfect.  She had on her sexy little black number, making sure the makeup and her bling were in the right spots so that intimate lighting illuminated her face. She could tell that he was nervous but figured it’s because the sexy black dress and her sexy tussled hair held up just how he likes it is giving him the chills (in a good way, of course). As the date goes by, he asks the waiter to bring over dessert (chocolate lava cake with a dash of whipped cream) her favorite.

The dessert is brought to the table and just at that time, she hears a lady to her left scream ‘yes!yes!yes!’ before putting her date in a choke-hold. She stares at her finger and the restaurant bursts into clapping. She just got engaged. She quickly made a comment ‘I bet he put the ring in her glass of champagne or in her dessert? So tacky!’ still staring at them. She turned back and found her beloved signaling the waiter to return the desserts to the kitchen, looking frazzled and confused. It took all of 3 seconds to figure out what was going on with him. She stopped the dessert from leaving her site and began digging through it. Yep, there it was, sitting pretty in the lava. 2 diamond-encrusted engagement ring! Needless to say, the night got awkward from that point on.


Oh how we roared with laughter at her hair and makeup trial and I still smile about it to this day. And of course she said yes, because sometimes it’s how we feel about the person that counts. In fact, I love goofy and awkward, guys.

Ladies, it does not have to be an engagement where he takes an Indiana Jones adventure to go and retrieve your engagement ring or having him jump out of a plane to land in the middle of a footy field at a Bronco’s game to ask for your hand in marriage. I suggest you simply appreciate the gesture that comes your way and if he is the one, simply jump up, put him in a choke-hold and scream ‘Yes!Yes!Yes!’. And now, it is time to go wedding ring shopping.

Helen McConnell Photography

Helen McConnell Photography


Here are some of our happy endings and recent gorgeous brides… thanks to the amazing and talented www.helenmcconnellphotography.com.au

Helen McConnell Photography

Bride Brooke Horwood married at the Stamford Plaza Helen McConnell Photography

Helen McConnell Photography

Bride Andrea Morris at Tamborine Mountain www.hmphotography.com.au

Bride Amanda Parmenter Helen McConnell Photography

Helen McConnell Photography

Bride Nicole Krafft – Rainbows End Eagle Heights Helen McConnell Photography


Hope you enjoyed and feel free to let me know how he proposed…..lol Monique xoxo

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