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Brisbane Makeup Artists And Bridal Hairstylists

You’ve officially said “Yes” and now it’s time to dive into the whirlwind of wedding planning!

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Now, it’s time for the exciting part – choosing your hair and makeup artists! We want you to know how much we care about being a part of your big day. Having a mobile hair and makeup team come to you is an absolute game-changer! It’s like having your own personal glam squad at your fingertips. Imagine being able to relax right where you are, whether it’s at home, a hotel, or the wedding venue.

Let us, the experts, work our magic without adding any stress to your already full plate! Whether you’re envisioning a classic updo or a more laid-back look, soft glam makeup or a natural vibe, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to listen to you and ensure you look and feel absolutely incredible on your special day. Think of us as your personal stylists and best friends, dedicated to making you shine like the star you are.

Let’s make your wedding day beauty dreams come true with a touch of love, care, and a lot of fun!

Brisbane Makeup Artists
And Bridal Hairstylists

Gold Coast, Tweed, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Mount Tamborine, Ipswich, North Stradbroke & Tangalooma Island.

Hair And Makeup Packages

After spending countless hours trying to decipher our previous pricing system, I finally threw in the veil and decided to switch to itemised packages.  No longer will brides be left wondering if their updo includes a side of fries or a sprinkle of glitter.  It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book.  Trust me, your wedding budget will thank you.

We’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.  We understand that every bride is unique and has different preferences and budgets. Therefore, we provide the flexibility to create your own package according to those needs and requirements.  While we highly recommend trials, we understand that it may not be possible for some brides.

Wedding Day Hair And Makeup Rundown

Get ready to say “I do” without a worry in the world! The Hollywood Brides team is here to ensure your wedding day morning goes off without a hitch. We’ve got the day planned out down to the last detail, so get the champagne flowing, relax and enjoy the moment. Our dream team operates like a well-oiled machine, with a Run Sheet to keep everything running smoothly. And yes, early mornings may be necessary to achieve that stunning team bride glow – however the bride goes second last so you won’t be the first cab off the rank!

Our team always puts your needs first, checking for any allergies or sensitivities to ensure everyone looks and feels fantastic. And if there are any last-minute additions to the bridal party or time changes, just give us a heads up before the day so we can adjust our glam schedule accordingly. Your stylists have got you covered, so you can focus on saying “I do” in style!

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Clean hair and fresh faces are key – we want to work our magic on a fresh canvas. Get that hair washed the day before, and keep up that skincare routine on the big day. Oh, and no waxing or threading closer than five days before – we’re aiming for smooth not red and angry.

Don’t forget to download those hair and makeup inspo looks onto your phone – communication is key, folks. It helps us all get on the same glam page and create a cohesive look that will have everyone gasping in awe. And a killer playlist with a speaker? That’s non-negotiable – we need those good vibes flowing as we work our hair & makeup magic.

So get ready to be pampered, preened, and prepped to perfection – we’ve got this, darlings. And if all else fails, there’s always Spotify’s wedding day playlist. Let’s get this glam party started!

Our Vibe

Mobile Hair and Makeup Artists For red carpet-ready looks to a beachy boho wedding.

Our dream is for you to sashay down that aisle like a boss, turning heads and causing jaws to drop in your wake.

About Monique

Hey there! I’m Monique, the Founder and Creative Director at Hollywood Brides, and let me tell you, running this business is an absolute dream come true!  For almost two decades, I’ve poured my heart and soul into nurturing this love child of mine.  Working with Brides on their special day is not just an honour, it’s a privilege.  I am beyond blessed to lead such a thriving and respected team of talented artists who are dedicated to providing a stress-free and beautiful experience every time.

With over 2000 bridal journeys under my belt, I’ve carved out my own niche in the Bridal Market, and my passion for creating unforgettable memories knows no bounds.  From Elvis to Netflix Series, Reality TV Shows, Global Film Festivals to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients, always striving to maintain high standards and spread positive energy.

Let’s make your bridal journey a truly memorable and stress-free one together.

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