Mobile Hairstylist Brisbane

Mobile Hairstyling Brisbane

Your usual makeup artist is booked and ready to make you look flawless, but now you’re left scrambling to find a hairdresser who can turn your mane into something as fabulous as your face.  It’s like having the perfect winged eyeliner but then realising you forgot to put on mascara.  It’s a race against time, trying to avoid a hair disaster for your big event.  Will you end up rocking a messy bun that screams “I give up” or will you find a hair miracle worker who can turn your locks into a masterpiece?  The struggle is real, but the true glam queens never back down from a challenge.

Please don’t panic and consider getting your hair done by a makeup artist who did a weekend crash course in hairstyling?
Let me tell you, it’s a risky move.  Sure, they may know their way around a curling iron, but do you really want someone who usually deals with foundation and eyeshadow attempting to give you the perfect updo?  It’s like asking a dentist to perform brain surgery – slightly terrifying and definitely not recommended.
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Brisbane Mobile Hair Stylists

The reason behind this industry shortage of experienced hair stylists is simple: they’re all working for Hollywood Brides!!!  Yes, that’s right.  Every seasoned hairdresser worth their weight in hairspray has been snatched up by the glamorous world of weddings.  Meanwhile, everyone else is left scrambling to find someone who knows the difference between a balayage and a bobby pin.
It’s a cutthroat world out there, folks, and if you want a fabulous hairstyle, you best get in contact today.

Individual Hairstyles $150

Solo to Group Bookings accepted.
Travel to location and onsite parking costs are add-ons and will be priced if applicable at the time of quote.
Deposits are required to secure your date.

I have no words to say how impressed and truly grateful I am to have found Hollywood Brides. No words are really needed, just look at the photos!!


Hair Prep For Your Appointment:-

Alright, ladies and gents, it’s time to get those locks in tip-top shape for your hair appointment.  Trust me, we don’t want to deal with oily, or wet hair any more than you do!

First things first, make sure your hair is clean and washed the evening before your appointment.  And I’m talking squeaky clean, none of that oily mess.
Sorry, no excuses – that means no leave-in conditioner or oil to weigh down those strands.

Now, if you’ve got some fabulously curly hair, go ahead and stick to your normal routine with those leave-in soothing anti-frizz products.  But for the rest of you, make sure you’re using a shampoo that actually gets the job done.  None of that sulphate-free stuff here – we’re talking use Head and Shoulders or a good old-fashioned clarifying shampoo.

After washing, don’t forget to bust out that blow dryer and get your hair completely dry.  Wet hair is a big no-no, folks.  We need those strands to be nice and dry unless you are having a blow dry so we can work our magic.

And remember, dirty hair is a big ol’ buzzkill for us stylists.  So please, do us a favour and have clean, dry locks when we show up.  Your hair – and your stylist – will thank you.

Group Hairstyling Bookings

Group bookings are our jam, especially when it involves a gaggle of wild and wacky ladies ready to let loose! The more, the merrier, we say.  But don’t worry, we’re still more than happy to come to the rescue for that solo gal looking to glam up and paint the town red all on her own.

And hey, if you haven’t booked a makeup artist and you’re feeling a bit spontaneous and fancy a last-minute touch-up, we’ve got you covered on the makeup front too.  Because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good makeover when it’s just a quick add-on away? So go ahead, treat yourself to a little extra glam – you deserve it, darling!
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